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As a leading full-service project management company, Channelsoft accommodates professionals of all project types. Our project manager supports our customers at every stage of development and is responsible for the entire project. They customize services based on project goals, service genres, business needs, risk factors, limiting factors, and stakeholder interests. We always delivers on time and provides all customers with regular updates. Our project manager ensures that all project requirements are met within the budget provided. Our experience also helps us identify risks and mitigate them accordingly.

In addition, Channelsoft also provides all technical support. All of our project management tools help you plan, organize, track, and execute your projects effectively. It provides employee dashboards, cloud systems, Gantt charts, project planning software, resource planning methodologies, time and problem tracking software, and project statistics. This is how our team achieves each milestone to ensure project success, improved ROI, reliability, revenue and savings.


Includes timeline and phases, metrics, activities, milestones, deliverables, risk management, quality, communication, and dependency details.


Transforming your project into an efficiently manageable task to achieve all your goals within your allotted resources, time, and budget, considering technical factors.

Monitor & Control

It is created as development progresses, so you can make changes as needed. Milestones are highlighted and regular reports are published to clients.


Closure Includes project evaluation, final reporting, and delivery to customers and permanent support groups.

Successful project delivery

Simplify work processes to maximize productivity

IT Project Management

IT projects are often difficult to manage due to the sheer volume of resources involved. Between software and hardware, data management and programming, many factors affect the success of an IT project. Channelsoft can provide support during IT project development by providing technical expertise and management, requirements gathering, and third-party testing and implementation support. Our experts ensure the perfect execution of your project while controlling your budget, scope and timing.

project management methodology

Creating an integrated project management methodology is a practical first step towards integrating project management efforts within your business. By setting process expectations and standards, PMM enables businesses to increase repeatability and consistency. We help companies develop their own PMMs to create a shared understanding of the project lifecycle and to clearly define responsibilities and roles within the company.

Looking for a professional to manage your project

With our expertise in project planning, procurement, engineering and delivery, we are experts in advising clients to achieve the right balance of time, cost and quality.